Toxicity of beauty standards.


They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But in today's world is it even true? I don't think so.

Unfortunately we are the part of the society where beauty has just become an illusion because of the unrealistic beauty standards set by the society. These so-called beauty standards have caused an actual dilemma among the people.

And to answer the obvious question of who to blame, it wouldn't be absurd to say that our lovely social media has played this game quite well.

Celebrities trying to show their supposedly 'perfect' pictures with their flawless skin, great hair and ideal bodies on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms have not only caused insecurity and low self-esteem in people but have also raised the matter of mental health among them.

Lately social media has been giving the impression that nothing is enough, even if according to today's beauty standards someone is perfect there's always going to be someone more perfect in the future.

But then who set the bar...

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