Senators call for national unity for prosperity, stability.

ISLAMABAD -- Federal Minister for Law and Justice Senator Azam Nazeer Tarar on Friday said that it was incumbent upon all political parties to unite for a consensus-based roadmap in order to put the country back on track of prosperity and stability.

Addressing the third day of the golden jubilee celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the upper house of parliament, he said the occasion was a very prestigious moment, but the absence of the opposition members was a painful thing.

He added that the previous two sessions, held under the committee of the whole, gave a great opportunity to listen to people from different walks of life and reunite with veteran politicians and former senators.

He congratulated the Senate chairman and his team for holding the celebrations in a dignified and prestigious manner.

'It is time for us, the politicians, to think about the country's economic situation that always remained tumultuous due to unconstitutional intrusions namely the dictatorial regimes that derailed democracy. We will have to realise that by losing our role and job, we have paved the way for the unconstitutional forces to permeate into the system that should have to be condemned,' the law minister added.

Earlier, in his opening remarks, Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani said that it was his great pleasure to welcome all to the third day of the special commemorative session convened to celebrate the golden jubilee of the Senate.

"Over the past two days, we have had the privilege of reflecting upon the achievements of the Senate over the past 50 years. Today, we renew our resolve for a better future towards building a better, brighter, and more prosperous Pakistan for all its citizens,' he said.

He said the country...

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