LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) workers and police clashed on Tuesday in Lahore's Zaman Park area after a contingent of the Islamabad police, along with armoured vehicles, reached party chief Imran Khan's Lahore residence to arrest the former premier after non-bailable warrants were issued in the ongoing Toshakhana case against him.

Shortly after 2pm, armoured police vehicles arrived outside Zaman Park with the intention of arresting Imran Khan. Almost an hour after police arrived outside Zaman Park, police used a water cannon and tear gas against PTI supporters that had gathered outside Zaman Park in droves.

Footage broadcast on television showed police inching toward the residence behind an armoured vehicle that was dispersing PTI supporters with a water cannon. Supporters could also be seen pelting stones at the policemen.

Footage also showed PTI supporters being teargassed once police arrived close to the main gate of Zaman Park. The workers, who had covered their faces with pieces of cloth and were carrying bottles of water, continued to pelt stones at officials. The PTI also shared a video of tear gas shells being lobbed inside Zaman Park residence of Imran Khan.

Amid the chaos, Islamabad DIG (Operations) Bukhari - who was leading the police team - was injured. Footage aired on TV showed the senior police official struggling to walk as two other officials helped him. Later, the Islamabad police provided an update on the DIG, saying that he was doing well.

As the sun set, a...

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