Participants of 53rd Staff Course of Pakistan Navy War College visit the IPS.

ISLAMABAD -- Participants of the 53rd PNStaff Course at Pakistan Navy War College(PNWC), Lahore, visited the Institute ofPolicy Studies (IPS), Islamabad, to gainexposure to independent think tanks andtheir role in the contemporary world and inenhancing strategic capabilities, says aPress release.

The delegation of 79 officers, headed byCommodore Ehsan Ahmed Khan SI(M),comprised faculty members of PNWC andparticipant officers of the Staff Course.Vice Chairman IPS Ambassador (Retd)Syed Abrar Hussain introduced IPS, itsmandate, and its research domains to thedelegates, while General ManagerOperations Naufil Shahrukh gave a detailedpresentation about the Institute's activitiesto promote research, dialogue, publishing,and human and technological developmentactivities for policy and governance withparticular reference to its maritime policydesk.

While addressing the officers on the 'Roleof Think Tanks in the Contemporary World',Chairman IPS Khalid Rahman explainedhow the world and warfare have changed over the centuries. He described how building a case and justifyingthe cause of waging war has become necessary.He said that, unlike the past several centuries, along with physicalmight, the strength and propagation of indigenous narrative havealso become a significant aspect of warfare in the...

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