Parliament must be respected: CJ.

Apex court supported martial law sever al times in the past. They surrender tomartial law but attack parliament.CJP'sremarks came during live hearing of proceed ings on petitions challenging SC Practice andProcedure Act 2023.Chief Justice of PakistanQazi Faez Isa presides the televised full courthearing on September 18, 2023, in this stilltaken from a video. Chief Justice of PakistanQazi Faez Isa said Tuesday that the apex courthad endorsed martial law several times in thepast and many judges forgot their oath after theimposition of martial law. He further said theapex court cannot allow anyone to disrupt thecountry, adding that the parliament should berespected. "Everyone is just attacking the par liament."The CJP's remarks on Tuesday cameduring the second live hearing of the proceed ings on the petitions challenging the SupremeCourt (Practice and Procedure) Act 2023, thelaw seeking to curtail CJP's discretionary pow ers. CJP Isa was heading a full-court benchcomprising 14 judges of the Supreme Courtand decided that October 9 (Monday) would bethe last date of hearing and cautioned that pro ceedings could continue till 12am. Earlier, thetop judge hinted at concluding proceedings inthe day, saying too many cases are pending inthe apex court. He also directed the petitioner'scounsel to complete his arguments in 10 min utes. The proceedings of the case were broad cast live by state-run PTV.

The CJP asked guid ance could be taken from the Holy Quran whiledeciding this. "Surah Aal-Imran states that con sultation should be held," he said, adding thatthe guidance should be taken from the HolyQuran instead of American examples. CJP Isathen asked what harm could the right to appealhave on anyone. He said the Holy ProphetMuhammad (PBUH) did everything after con sultation, while the parliament also stated thatthe chief justice should decide matters throughconsultation instead of decidingunilaterally.CJP Isa said the powers of the chiefjustice are not being curtailed through this leg islation rather they are being devolved amongthe judges. He said the impact of this law willbe particularly on the chief justice and the twosenior-most judges.

Bhandari cited Article 175(1) to support hisargument; the CJP asked if he was suggestingthat the chief justice was omnipotent. JusticeIsa gave what he called an "absurd example" ofrevoking Bhandari's license and barring himfrom appearing court "in a fit of rage".

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