Minister checks transport fare.

In an effort to assess the effective implementation of reduced transport fares in light of declining oil prices across the country, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's Caretaker Minister for Information and Public Relations, Barrister Feroze Jamal Shah Kakakhel visited two transportation hubs: Peshawar Bus Terminal and Haji Camp Bus Stand.

During this visit, Minister Kakakhel engaged with passengers, preparing for their journeys to different districts and cities at various terminals, keenly inquiring about the realized reductions in transport fares. Furthermore, he inquired from drivers and conductors regarding government-regulated fares.

Minister Kakakhel expressed his gratification upon receiving general positive feedback from the public concerning the fare reductions. Addressing the media during this occasion, Barrister Feroze Jamal Shah Kakakhel, the Caretaker Minister of Information and Public Relations emphasized the ongoing monitoring of the situation following the drop in oil prices. He stressed that his visit is part of a continuous effort to ensure that the benefits of this price reductions are extended to the people. In...

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