Learning about China's socioeconomic growth is the need of the hour: Dr. Najeeb Ullah.

PESHAWAR -- "Pakistan has priori tized enhancing cooperation in Energy,Mining, Information Technology, andAgriculture, as emphasized by the KP'sMinister of IT during the 74thAnniversary event organized by thePakistan China Friendship Association(PCFA) and China Study Centre (CSC)at university of Peshawar this morn ing," says a Press release.Dr. NajeebUllah, Minister forScience and Technology, IT, Sports,and Youth Affairs, KhyberPakhtunkhwa thanked the PCFA and CSC for organizing the event, andbringing both countries close to eachother.

Speaking at the occasion, Dr. NajeebUllah congratulated the Chinese peo ple on their national day and advisedstudents to pay attention to under standing Chinese culture, history, andcivilization. He also said that we haveto learn a lot of things from China'sexpertise. He highlighted differentaspects where Pakistan needs toimprove and can learn from China.

Science and technology are one of thesectors where we need a lot ofimprovements. He also stated theEconomic Growth have different fac tors. One is Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) the second is Skilled Labor andHigher Education.

He also mentioned that China hasbecome a global leader in variousindustries and sectors by strategicallyusing foreign direct investment. Bywelcoming multinational corporationsinto its market and establishing favor able policies to attract foreigninvestors, China has benefitted fromvital capital and expertise that hasfueled its economic growth and devel opment.He said that we are working to startbankable feasibility in four thematic areas i:e. Agriculture, Mines, Information Technology, andEnergy with the Chinese Government very soon while celebratingthe 74th Founding Day of the People's Republic of China today weshould also follow...

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