Knowledge driver of economic progress: Dr. Yasinzai.


Knowledge is the driver of economic progress, all eyes are focused on higher education sector to play an effective role, said Dr. Masoom Yasinzai Rector, International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI).

He was addressing a training workshop attended by students of Iqra Residential College. The workshop was jointly organized by Dawah Academy and Institute of Professional Development (IPD).

The major flaw in our education system is the paucity of funds, said Dr. Masoom. He added that it is the need of hour that youth must be nurtured in the light of Islamic teachings. He added that youth of the country have proved that we are a people of tolerance and patience, the world should know that our message is to preach love, harmony, mutual cooperation and brotherhood. IIUI Rector opined that the country's 56 million young men and women are the solution to the problems.

He furthered that instead of thinking about shortcuts, young people should prepare themselves according to contemporary requirements and paves the way for stability and development in the country whereas investing in high quality education has given us the path to success in the future. Talking about peace in society, he said that IIUI has always focused to teach peace and love for...

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