FATF satisfied with Pakistan.

Byline: Sehrish KhanAS per the decision of FATF regarding Pakistan is concerned, it is too early to say when Pakistan will be removed from the FATF grey list.Currently, October has been given, but whether a new condition will be imposed after that or not, cannot be said with certainty.FATF decision was to be announced on June 17 but different political parties and their social media teams even prior to the decision started taking credit that Pakistan has been removed from the grey list even photos from the previous meeting of FATF were being shared on social media accounts.However, everything became meaningless when FATF members congratulated Pakistan on the completion of two Action Plans, especially on the completion of Action Plan 2021 in record time, and postponed the decision to remove Pakistan from the grey list till October.The condition is that the FATF team will visit Pakistan to see if the system that Pakistan has created will be able to survive in the future.It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan implemented 34 points ahead of time which needs to be appreciated which means that there is nothing impossible if somebody wants.Since 2018, Pakistan joined the grey list, FATF has been re-examined several times, but each time a new list of objections has been submitted.The threat even reached the blacklist. Preparations were made to weaken Pakistan economically, meaning that in addition to our trade with the outside world, debt and transaction matters were also at stake.The hard work of the Pakistani governments and institutions, especially Pakistan Army together saved Pakistan from being blacklisted.A coordination cell was set up in GHQ. Led by a Major General, the cell coordinated across all state and government agencies in the same way that the NCOC did in the Corona era to save the country from the plague.A very important question also arises here, why we do not realize any important problem in advance and why do we allow water to pass through our heads only after which we fight hand and foot to save ourselves?For example, we first joined the grey list in 2008. We enacted some legislation and came out of the list criminalizing money laundering.But we did not listen to the changing times and kept going on our...

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