Essence of secret ballot.


IN the recent past as well as a few days ago, on two occasions, the Senate of Pakistan crowned two men with scintillating successes who did not have requisite majority in the body to muscle their way through. On ceremonial front, it was Sadiq Sanjrani who first surprised ruling party, PML (N) by clinching Senate Chairmanship to his name in 2018 while riding on the shoulders of opposition parties. Secondly it was no confidence move against him a few days ago. This time it was opposition parties which fell prey to him. On political front, both the time, it was Imran Khan who outgeneraled his political opponents fair and square with straight bat on front foot. On the eve of election of Senate Chairman in 2018, main match was being predicted between PPP and PML (N) because of their numerical strength in the House and sordid and unsavory tactics to win over loyalties of participating Senators in the election on which both were equally adept.

The Zardari was arrogantly confident to win Chairmanship to notch up his phony reputation of Zardari Sub Pay Bhari. A win was also expected to fetch political mileage in general election. PML (N) was also equally confident to occupy the slot comfortably. The independents from Balochistan had no extravagant plans. Probably they would have felt content in league with any of them for slot of Deputy Chairmanship albeit they had more intimate contact with Zardari at that time. Everything was going as business as usual until Imran Khan jumped into fray with a bang.

His demand from Baloch independents was simple, straight and unambiguous. Have all my 13 votes but only for a Baloch on Chair of Senate Chairman. Initially amateur CM of Balochistan, Mir Quddus Bizenjo, dragged his feet but after second meeting with Imran Khan, he was different man in confidence and stature and high flying Zardari had to cave in and sit on his bandwagon. The result was Sadiq Sanjrani in robe of Senate Chairman, Saleem Mandviwala of Zardari's nominee on inconsequential seat of Deputy Chairmanship and batch of honor to Imran Khan morally as well as politically for handing over Senate Chairmanship to Balochistan - a good tiding, releasing a wave of joy and satisfaction across the entire impoverished province.

Cornered by ongoing process of accountability, opposition parties, known in common parlance a ruling elite, are desperate to clutch at every straw to save their skin. The first ever no confidence move against...

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