Child among 2 dead in Afghan soldier's'unprovoked' firing at Chaman border.

ISLAMABAD -- An Afghan sentryemployed at the friendship gate of theChaman border crossing along thePakistan-Afghanistan border inBalochistan opened unprovoked andindiscriminate firing at pedestrians mov ing from Pakistan to Afghanistan, the mil itary said in a statement on Wednesday.According to Inter-Services PublicRelations (ISPR), the incident occurred atthe outbound gate located on the zero line."Resultantly, two innocent Pakistani citi zens including a 12-year-old childembraced shahadat (martyrdom), whileanother child was injured," the statementadded.

It said that Pakistani troops exercisedextreme restraint and avoided anyexchange of fire in the presence of inno cent passengers to avoid collateral dam age."Dead bodies of the deceased have beenshifted to DHQ Hospital Chaman and theinjured child, who was immediately evac uated by security forces, is under treat ment," the ISPR said.The military's media wing said that theAfghan authorities have been approachedto inquire about the reason for such anirresponsible and reckless act. They havebeen urged to apprehend and hand overthe culprit to Pakistani authorities, itadded.

The Interim Afghan Government, theISPR, said is also expected to exercisecontrol over its troops and impart...

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