Cars stolen in Karachi being sold in Balochistan.

KARACHI -- The Anti-Vehicle Lifting Cell (AVLC) has uncovered a racket involving the sale of stolen and snatched vehicles from Karachi in Balochistan. Reportedly, two suspects, Pervaiz Magsi and Abdullah Askani, have been identified as the main accused in this illegal trade.

The AVLC obtained records of stolen and snatched vehicles from Karachi, which were reportedly then handed over to Magsi and Askani.

The police obtained Close-Circuit Television (CCTV) footage and photos of the accused, who buy stolen cars from Karachi, particularly Toyota Corolla vehicles.

According to details, Magsi is a native of Jhal Magsi and is also wanted for his involvement in buying stolen cars while Askani is from Lasbela district. The local network of the accused operates in Karachi, snatching or stealing vehicles from different areas of the city and delivering them to Balochistan where Magsi and Askani buy them at cheap prices.

The AVLC has obtained details of this gang in the past few days and some important arrests are also expected in the case. The police have formed a team to investigate car theft and expropriation groups from Karachi in the past years for identifying groups involved in selling vehicles from Karachi to Balochistan or other districts.

According to the SSP AVLC, the gang sells the vehicles worth Rs 3.5 million for as little as Rs0.8 million to one million or even less to Magsi and Askani. The vehicles are then either...

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