Wheat flour price hits up to Rs75 per kg for first time in Pakistan.


ISLAMABAD -- Wheat flour price could not be controlled by the government amid a raging crisis across the country and has skyrocketed up to Rs75 per kg for the first time ever in several cities while putting tremendous burden on the general public.

In several cities, including Peshawar and Hazara, nanbais (bakers) have closed their tandoors since Monday and are on strike against the government after failed negotiations with the provincial Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government.

In KP, a bag of super fine wheat flour weighing 85kg is being sold for Rs5,200 and a 20kg bag is being sold for Rs1,100.

On the other hand, nanbais demanded the price of roti (weighing 170g) to be fixed at Rs15 while claiming that wood and gas tariffs have also been increased.

In Multan, citizens are forced to buy wheat flour for more than Rs60 per kg due to its 'artificial' shortage in the open market.

At shops, whole wheat flour is costing Rs64 per kg whereas shopkeepers are charging white flour for up to Rs80 per kg. Nanbais, consequently, have raised roti and naan prices by Rs2 in the city.

Despite that the subsidised wheat flour is not available at specific sale points allocated by utility stores and the district administration, the administration has been claiming that 80 points were established for the provision of 10kg wheat bags with price fixed at Rs402 per bag.

The administration has further stated that action was being taken for complaints after a daily supply of 29,335 bags each weighing 20kg at those sale points.

In many cities, long queues of people were seen at the subsidised wheat flour sale points established by the local administrations.

In other cities of Punjab including Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan and Gujranwala, the wheat flour is being sold at Rs70 per kg. Within last few days, the...

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