We have to see the confession by accused was made under torture or free will in Daniel Pearl murder case: SC.

ISLAMABAD -- The Supreme Court (SC) while hearing the appeal pleas against acquittal of the accused in the murder case of US journalist Daniel Pearl has remarked ' we have to see confession of the offence was made due to torture or free will. The court remarked ' apparently two confessions were made one was made under torture and the second accused was facing life threat. If the confession of crime stands abolished at any stage then what remains the value of the documents in regard to it. A 3-member bench of SC presided over by Justice Mushir Alam took up the case for hearing Thursday. During the hearing of the case Farooq H Naik counsel for Sindh government argued this is not case of some patwari. Man who is alleged is involved in international terrorism. The confessions of both the accused are alike and they are not different .The accused who commit such crimes don't tell their real names. He further argued the convict Fahd said under free will that he wants to confess. There were two confessional statements in the case.

The confessional statements of both the accused...

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