USAID Mission Director, LCCI President discuss Pakistan's economy.

LAHORE -- Recently appointed USAID Mission Director in Islamabad, V. Kate Somvongsiri, commended the vibrant and diverse opportunities she was briefed about during her visit to the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).

The USAID Director and the LCCI President discussed Pakistan's economic landscape and challenges. LCCI President Kashif Anwar extended a warm welcome to Somvongsiri and provided her with insights into Pakistan's business landscape.

Kate Somvongsiri highlighted USAID's sustained presence in Pakistan for over seven decades, spanning a wide array of sectors, including education, democratic governance, civil society, economic development, women empowerment, and healthcare. She reiterated USAID's status as Pakistan's largest bilateral donor.

The Mission Director also discussed USAID's evolving priorities, notably in addressing the consequences of climate change. Despite being among the lowest emitters, Pakistan faces substantial climate change impacts. Somvongsiri pointed to the US-Pakistan Green Alliance Framework, prioritizing actions that help Pakistan adapt and mitigate climate change impacts, particularly in the water, energy, and agriculture sectors.

She stressed the shift in USAID's strategic direction, recognizing recent geopolitical changes. Resources have been redirected from border regions with Afghanistan towards unlocking trade opportunities, fostering a business-friendly environment, supporting women entrepreneurs, enhancing the education system, and promoting sustainability in energy, agriculture, and water, she added.

Kate Somvongsiri expressed a keen interest in engaging with the local business community to better understand challenges and opportunities. She also mentioned a Memorandum of Understanding with the gaming industry, acknowledging Pakistan's role as a hub for cross-learning and its receptiveness to expertise and talent.

Kashif Anwar acknowledged USAID's extensive support across various sectors in Pakistan, including agriculture, energy, women empowerment...

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