Unpaid Teachers.

The KP government is undergoing a severe financial crunch as reAports have emerged that teachers have not been paid salaries for the past five months. This is an extremely concerning situation as these are teachers of 1,443 schools operating in double shifts in 27 disAtricts of the province that were set up to enrol out-of-school children and reduce the burden on overcrowded educational institutions. The fact that this went on for so long raises serious questions that must be aimed at both the centre and the province.

Reports suggest that about 3,000 teachers have not been paid and that they would most likely be unable to continue their jobs if the situation persists. These teachers are working multiple jobs, while some are conAtinuing their education on the side, therefore one must appreciate the efAfort they are putting into a cause they believe in. This also puts at risk the future of 43,000 students enrolled in the schools, in a country that is alAready facing an education crisis.

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It is quite concerning to see how this was not addressed earlier, even though the teachers held a meeting with the Minister for Elementary and Secondary Education Shahram Khan Tarakai and the secretary educaAtion about their salaries...

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