Traditional TV channels Reliability decreased by social media News Feeds.


Everyone is just focusing on one medium for knowledge, spice and another purpose of education; they don't have that much time to verify the news surrounding us and also verify the authentic they are. People are just in racing of first announcing the news feeds and getting bulk of audience and some good comments from them. Social media sites are now the way to get to bring all knowledge and communication need. A businessman of this era is known to focus and turn their whole business on it, they usually try to use it is as a converging tool for the consumer. However social media is the top agenda for many business executives today. They try to make these firms for use and make profitable use of an application like YouTube, wiki media and twitter.In this feature. Social media is different from another medium the approach is very easy to approach and the junk of consumer is also available 24 hours. The traditional media is also modified and try to get some useful and audience-grabbing features but yet there is no progress happened.

The audience of traditional media is almost among old and adults in whom they were not able to modify and change their strategy. There is no doubt if we talk about the cheapest medium of entertainment and getting mental relaxation in this global village. In the different web, people provide their opinion 0.2 and users generalized topic. which groups applications currently included under the generalized term into more specific categories by characteristics: Connected social networking sites, virtual game worlds, and virtual social worlds search 10 out of 9 companies using social media sites for information updates and other beneficial uses of social media people are more concerning their id and web update to get updated all the time for their interesting and important dealing product. Traditional news media will provide you information but they can't keep you updated in 24/7 because they have their owned media programming setting in a whole day. Directors and owners are more focusing own specific earning programs which are not only great some mind threat but also sensationalized yours screened. Top companies in all our the world are hired content writer our social media adviser for enhancing their sites day by day because it is the new way to get enhance your product image among your target audience. The reliability rate of social media is now another media thread of our teenagers because it can produce much crime due...

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