These Pakistani family dramas deserve to be reaired during lockdown.


Most Pakistani dramas are family-oriented but the sheer volume of them has been their undoing. Here are our top picks

Most Pakistani dramas are family-oriented because that's what gets ratings and that is what sells soap powder.

The sheer volume of these dramas has been their undoing, turning what used to be thoughtful explorations of human relationships into mass produced, pulp fiction. However, creative minds thrive on a challenge and sometimes even the simplest drama can bring something insightful or a fresh perspective because of the hard work of the writer, actors or director.

Here is a list of dramas that challenge stereotypes or use a familiar cultural setup to show us something new or something we had forgotten.

Fair warning, get a box of tissues out. These characters may suffer but the beauty of these dramas is that journey however painful and long opens up to something better:


Starring Ahsan Khan, Sonya Hussyn, Urwa Hocane, Saba Hamid

One of Zanjabeel Asim's best-written and one of the best acted family dramas I have seen; props to director Owais Khan. When a mother decides to take revenge for the pain and misery she suffered as a bride through her children, a family is shattered.


Starring Faysal Qureshi, Savera Nadeem, Sunita Marshal, Neelam Munir among others

This unforgettable Umera Ahmad story highlights the life of a grass widow. Moiz and Ayesha have married for love so why have they not spoken in ten years?

Moiz left his country to struggle as an illegal immigrant; while his sacrifices are acknowledged , Ayesha's pain is ignored. While he can seek relief in another marriage, his wife's attempt to find companionship is branded as infidelity. This beautiful story asks if they can forgive each other.

Main Abdul Qadir Hoon

Big shoutout to Fahad Mustafa for this one!

How does a sweet, sheltered mummy's boy played by Fahad Mustafa become a callous, resentful womanizer who respects no one? How does that same man learn enough compassion to care for his friend dying of HIV and find a new life as a religious man? Follow AQ's journey and find out.

The play was written by Sarwat Nazir and directed by Baber Javed; the cast also includes Alishba Yusuf, Faysal Qureshi and Aamina Shaikh in titular roles.

Mera Naseeb

Starring Adeel Hussain, Imran Abbas, Syra Yusuf, Sanam Saeed and Imran Aslam

Samira Fazal's story of two naive friends bound by a family secret will keep you hooked. Their struggles and...

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