The World on the Brink of Disaster, say Scholars.

KARACHI -- "We are in an extraordinary situation in human history. Survival is hanging by a thread," warns distinguished scholars during HU's flagship Yohsin Lecture Series. Avram Noam Chomsky, an internationally recognized linguist, philosopher, social critic, and a political activist, delivered a thought-provoking lecture on December 7th as part of Habib University'sflagship Yohsin Lecture Series. Delivering the lecture titled 'Bullet Dodged or Merely Delayed: Reflections on the Future of Democracy, Nuclear Proliferation and the Looming Environmental Catastrophe in a Post-Trumpian World,' Professor Chomsky discussed the recent outcome of the US presidential elections, as well as the escalated nuclear threat, fading democracy and environmental catastrophe the world is facing today.

Addressing some of the most crucial themes central to the 21st century, Dr. Chomsky highlighted the fourterminal threats to humanity: nuclear war, the environmental catastrophe, deterioration of worldwide democracy, and the recent Covid pandemic, and was of the view that the world is on the brink of catastrophe. He said, 'The world is suffering from the pandemic severely, but it is the least of the four crises, we will emerge from the pandemic though at a terrible and unnecessary cost.'

At the same time, he expressed his concern regarding the three other crucial threats, which are significantly changing the future dynamics of world politics. Professor Chomsky said that the world today facedan increasing and real threat of nuclear war, and that any such war would prove devastating for not only the countriesinvolved, but the...

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