The US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Byline: WAQAS BIN MAQBOOL-Rahimyar Khan.

The United States of America which has been fighting a war against the Taliban since 2001, now decided to pull out its troops from Afghanistan. This decision seems to be quite astonishing, because the US had promised, and was committed to ending the terrorism and swipe out Afghanistan from the Taliban forever. Moreover, the US has spent about 3 trillion dollars in this war and lost several thousand soldiers, and civilians in the war; but could not end the terrorism and bring peace and harmony in Central Asian countries. The US was enraged after the September 11 attack which was done by Al Qaeda, and pleaded to end the terrorism. The NATO allies countries and other non-ally countries like Pakistan extended their arms to end the terrorism. The US which was committed now has kneeled before the Taliban and withdrawing its army from Afghanistan.

What aftermath can be if the US pulls out the army from Afghanistan?

There could be innumerable aftermath if the US completely withdraw its army from Afghanistan. First of all, Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world, and its blacklist in several international organizations like FATF. The 60pc budget of the country was given by the US because the Afghan government was also an ally of the US to end the Taliban. There could be catastrophic aftermath like Afghanistan could face a civil war because the Taliban wants hegemony in the country and...

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