The Smartphones With the Longest-Lasting Batteries.


Byline: Katharina Buchholz

Every smartphone users know the dilemma: It doesn't matter how great your latest-generation smartphone is or which cutting-edge features it contains - the device still runs on old-fashioned electricity it draws from its battery, often the weakest part of the phone. With the number of apps people use and time they spend on their smartphone increasing, battery woes are all too common - the prevalence of powerbanks and charging stations popping up in different places certainly tell that story.

Some smartphone makers have tried to remedy this problem by bringing phones with really big batteries to the market. According to phone comparison website Phone Arena, the phone with the largest battery to-date is the Asus ROG II with a battery charge of 6,000 milliampere hours, followed by the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 (5,300 mAh).

But milliampere hours alone do not determine how long a phone battery will actually last. Display size, resolution and how efficiently a device uses power play a role too...

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