the Race for the Presidency Has Begun


Political parties with seats in Parliament, namely the Mongolian People's Party (MPP), Democratic Party (DP), and Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party (MPRP), are approaching the deadline to announce which of their party members will be running in the upcoming presidential election.The DP carried out candidate registration for the presidential election on May 2.

Member of Parliament L.Bold, former Prime Minister R.

Amarjargal, former Minister of Justice and Internal Affairs D.Dorligjav, former Prime Minister N.

Altankhuyag, former Agriculture Minister Kh.Battulga, and former Minister of Industry B.

Jargalsaikhan have registered to run for the party's nomination.The DP and MPP will carry out candidate selections for their candidates on May 3.

The DP has made the decision to select its presidential candidate through votes from all members of the party. The candidate who wins the majority of votes from DP members will be officially announced as the party's presidential candidate during the Democratic Party's Eighth Congress, which will be held this week.

Analysts say that Speaker of Parliament M.Enkhbold will be representing the MPP in this presidential election.

The MPP has not carried out its presidential candidate registration, but it will be clear who the MPP candidate will be after today's meeting of the party's members. N.

Enkhbayar, the third President of Mongolia, wants to run in this election and intended to announce his intention to run in a press conference yesterday that was ultimately canceled.The MPRP is unable to nominate N.

Enkhbayar because he has no constitutional right to run for president due to his criminal record and...

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