A step towards a welfare state.


Byline: Ahsan Munir

In wake of recent political and diplomatic developments at international level, it has been realised that we need to put our house in order to stand up to international pressure and arm-twisting, and tell the World that ours is the state most affected by 'Global War on Terrorism'. Well, better late than never. However, it would have been much better if this realisation had come due to the plight of ordinary citizens of Pakistan-who have been worst hit by terrorist activities, instead of international developments. Participation in 'Global War on Terrorism' not only damaged and crippled our economy, but its blowback also resulted in terrorist activities all over the country- which now have been subdued by the heroic acts and sacrifices of our armed forces.

International powers are claiming to have given billions of dollars in aid to Pakistan in its fight against terrorism. However, the ordinary people of Pakistan never wanted these dollars which would result in a country filled with maimed and crippled people due to terrorist activities happening every other day. Also, these terrorist activities have resulted in a generation of orphans and widows with no one to look after them. With their bread-winners killed in acts of terrorism, orphans and widows have literally ended up begging in streets to eke out an existence. To these terrorism affectees, it is not clear how billions of dollars in aid have helped them in improving their lot. Further, the proxy wars into which Pakistan has repeatedly been dragged into over time, have also awashed the country with illegal weapons and narcotics; and the resource constrained State does not know how to control these spillover effects of...

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