SSGC crackdowns on hefty defaulting government owned entities.

Position:Sui Southern Gas Company Ltd.

SSGC has launched crackdown on hefty defaulting government owned entities. In Karachi, the Company disconnected gas supplies of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Sindh Government Hospital North Nazimabad, Trauma Centre of Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital and other defaulting entities.

SSGC's spokesperson informed that Abbasi Shaheed Hospital was continuously defaulting its current as well as past gas bills and the previous arrears had reached to significant level. On the last disconnection by SSGC, the managements of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation and Abbasi Shaheed Hospital submitted an undertaking in which they assured that the hospital will ensure to pay the current monthly bill along with one million rupees on monthly basis from its outstanding amount. After this undertaking the gas supply of the hospital was restored by SSGC.

SSGC's spokesperson also said that in contrary to this undertaking, the hospital management did not pay the amount which they had agreed; rather they used to make payments after 3-4 months according to their own comfort to offset the current bill amount...

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