Sindh govt forms commission for protection of journalists, media practitioners.

KARACHI -- The Sindh government on Thursday established the Commission for the Protection of Journalists and other Media Practitioners (CJMP).

According to the provincial government's notification, the commission was formed in pursuance of subsection 1 of section 8 of the Sindh Protection of Journalists and other Media Practitioners Act, 2021, which orders the formation of the CJMP.

The 14-person CJMP chaired by Justice (retd) Rasheed Rizvi, consists of four ex-officio members - including the information secretary, home secretary, and law secretary - and nine non-official members - Fahim Siddiqui of KUJ, Kazi Asad APNS, Dr Jabbar Khatak CPNE, Athar Kazi PBA, Ayaz Tunio Sindh Bar Council, Prof Tauseef Khan HRCP, Shazia Umar MPA, Syeda Marvi MPA, and Ghuma Fariduddin APNEC.

The notification...

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