Sindh Government initiative of construction of 42 small dams in thar.

MIRPURKHAS -- Sindh Government commenced an outstanding initiative of constructing 42 small dams in the Thar . report said that out of the such dams 23 have been built so far and the work on 11 other dams will complete on July, 2022. These small dams are providing water to nearly 50 villages which used to face acute water paucity before the construction of these dams beacuse the rain water had to drain towards Rann of Kutch India and the people failed to store the rain - streams water The incumbent Sindh Government has successfully manifesto of delivering it services in constructing roads, Thar-coal

projects, RO plants and small dams for the uplift of the area and providing not only the basic facilities of life but also creating employment opportunities for the pepole of Thar . Syed Murad Ali Shah Chief Minister Sindh vowed to build the 42 dams construction in thar " after kicking off construction work at the inaugurated Kalidad Dam on 28 October,2020. Kalidas Dam has been constructed over Ghodharo Nai- a rain - feed stream , located in the west of Nagarparkar. This project has been completed in 333 millions . This dam has played vital role in storage of water and it has stored 13 feet of water. Dam project, adding that the project will also benefit the people...

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