SHCC seals 768 healthcare establishments.

KARACHI -- Sindh Health Care Commission (SHCC) sealed 768 health care establishments (HCEs) on violation of relevant laws and malpractices.

According to a statement issued here during first quarter of year 2022, a total of 2564 inspection and enforcement visits were conducted by Anti-quackery teams of SHCC among them 495 HCE's were found complying the law while 1581 HCE's were found involved in violation under section 39-i(h).

Total 768 HCE's were sealed by SHCC and 813 warnings were issued on malpractice and policy violations. Additionally, 430 follow-up inspections were also conducted on previously legally de-sealed HCE's to ensure compliance of the relevant law, said the statement.

Fines were imposed on practitioners who were non-qualified or working beyond scope of the law. Total penalties amounting to Rs 4.8 million imposed on multiple offenders during the quarter.

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