Senate body passes bill to curb illegal immigration.

ISLAMABAD -- The Senate Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Committee on Thursday unanimously passed a bill suggesting an increase in the punishment for individuals involved in sending Pakistani citizens abroad through illegal means and defrauding expatriates.

Senator Manzoor Ahmed Kakar presided over the meeting in which a bill titled 'The Emigration (Amendment) Bill, 2022' was tabled, said a statement.

The objective of the bill was to address the grievances of overseas Pakistanis. According to the bill, the punishment of the people involved in fraud with people will be increased from seven years to 14 years.

The committee members also asked for the details of the Pakistanis imprisoned abroad.

They said that overseas workers send remittances to Pakistan and legislation needed to be done for their protection.

Draft law proposes appointment of labour attaches in Pakistan's embassies

According to the statement, the bill suggested ensuring the protection of the rights of overseas Pakistanis. It also suggested appointing labour attaches in embassies and increase in penalties against Pakistanis involved in sending people abroad illegally.

'Under the bill, labour attaches will be appointed in Pakistani embassies abroad, along with those who will escort Pakistanis abroad and prosecute them...

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