Rights Of Native Americans: Please 'Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee'!


US presidential elections, campaigns, speeches and debates had a presidential hopeful and candidate Bernie Sanders advocate granting overdue rights denied but deserved: in favour of Native Americans (NAs)! MILLIONS of NAs -- fighting against gun totting "White Lies" as those foreign intruders were so called by original Americans -- saw No Mercy while getting massacred as they could not defend themselves properly with bows and arrows or sticks and stones. Even US Hollywood and US allies like Europeans including Britain made several blockbuster movies displaying their own unsurpassed foreign White brutality against original Native Americans of what is now called a superpower United States. It was common to see movie screen shots like White attackers shooting with their guns those Native Americans who were either not carrying hot weapons except bows, arrow, sticks, stones or were simply charging ahead bare handed in anger and anguish without any weapons and getting killed in defense of their own land, men,

women and children. One film on NAs described everything with a simple moving sentence that became the title of another Red Indian best seller film "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee". HOWSOEVER easy that may seem for BS to speak of Native American rights as an election promise or whatever, this centuries old complex situation is red with blood of massacres by foreign non-American White gunmen invaders against original Americans after Italian seafarer Christopher Columbus under Spanish rule discovered America back in 1490s, though Islamic leaders claimed Muslims discovered America in year 1178. COLUMBUS thought he discovered Indies or India and thus original Americans were wrongly named as Red Indians, a mistake stupidly repeated for centuries in history! WHATSOEVER that may or may not be, the US needs to support and work with these "First Americans" (what a term!) to improve their standard of living. Asif, perhaps, after these First Americans (NAs), White killers may be termed "Second Americans"!? Anyway,

Bernie supports the right of Native American tribes to self-govern and have sovereign jurisdiction over their lands. He also supports directly acknowledging America's continuing history of mistreatment and racism against Native Americans and wants to actively promote further measures to achieve justice for these "Red Indians"! LET us have a look at that: Tribal sovereignty means that Native American tribes should have sovereign control over...

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