Release of 'autonomy budget' to schools delayed.

HARIPUR -- Delay in disbursement of autonomy budget by the provincial government has prevented the management of higher secondary schools from hiring temporary teachers for filling the vacant posts and meeting other petty expenses, sources told Dawn here on Saturday.

They said the autonomy budget of Rs600,000 was disbursed to each higher secondary school with the start of academic session on July 1. The purpose of this budget was to hire teachers for the subjects where posts of permanent teachers were vacant at a monthly salary of Rs15,000.

The sources said about 60 posts of subject specialists (SSTs) were lying vacant in boys sections of 22 higher secondary schools and, the schools' administration hired temporary SSTs from the private sector for the purpose.

They maintained that about 70 posts of SSTs were lying vacant in female section of 17 higher secondary schools.

'I have hired two teachers from my own pocket so students' precious time is no wasted,' said a school principal, who wished not to be named. He said delay in disbursement of budget put a negative impact on studies of students.

The sources said some school principals, who had unspent funds available with them, had hired teachers, but a majority of schools were awaiting release of budget.

The sources...

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