Rehabilitation of at-risk communities in flood-hit areas sought.

LAHORE -- Participants in the 'Floods 2022' consultation stated that the government and relief organisations must keep the vulnerable populations informed about the response, recovery and rehabilitation strategies.

The provincial consultation that Aawaz II organised in Multan focused on the flood response and how to make flood relief and rehabilitation more accessible, accommodating, and secure for vulnerable groups.

Unicef, FAO, district administration, civil society organisations, transgender communities, and organisations involved in the relief and restoration of flood-affected areas were represented at the conference.

They said women, children, transgender persons, religious minorities, and persons with disabilities are the most vulnerable and are at risk of harassment, exclusion, and lack of mobility. Information, relief, and rehabilitation often do not reach these groups because of the social and structural barriers they face.

The consultation addressed concerns raised about the needs of the most vulnerable groups and issues relating to their protection from social, economic, and health issues beyond their control.

It came up with recommendations to ensure that these groups are taken into account in the Flood 2022 response, recovery, and rehabilitation plan. The participants discussed that the vulnerable groups had been severely affected by the recent floods and affected people, especially women, are in acute distress; therefore, they immediately need psychological support.

Aawaz II's Head of Programme Delivery Arshad Mahmood emphasised the need for an inclusive response system while also taking into account the vulnerabilities of marginalised groups of people.

He also praised the government's and civic society's efforts to assist those affected under challenging circumstances.

Education Specialist at Unicef Rubina Nadeem said the impending winter season is making...

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