References against 20 dissident members of PTI sent to EC.

ISLAMABAD -- R references against 20 dissidents MNAs from PTI have been sent to Election Commission (EC).

National Assembly (NA) secretariat sources have confirmed that reference sent by PTI against its 20 dissident members was received by it which was required to be sent to EC within two days. Therefore reference has been sent to EC to meet the constitutional requirement. The EC will decide about the reference within 30 days

These members are charged with violating the directives of party leadership. They sat on opposition benches and announced to cast vote against party policies.

The dissident members against whom references have been sent are Raja Riaz Ahmad, Noor Alam Khan, Wajih Qamar, Malik Nawab Sher Wasir, Ramesh Kumar, Afzal Dhandhla, Ahmad Hussin Dehar. Rana Qasim Noon, Abdul Ghaffar Wattoo...

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