Raw materials production resumed at Saindak Copper cum-Gold.


CHAGAI -- Production of raw materials have been resumed at Saindak Copper-cum-Gold Project as the smelter was ignited by the concerned Chinese and Pakistani officials of MCC Resource Development Limited (MRDL) after the suspension of almost eight months in Saindak area of Chagai district.

The resumption of the production delayed due to coronavirus as it was planned resume operations in March, however it took three more months. While addressing the 18th Ignition ceremony of the smelter furnace, Chairman of the MRDL He.Xuping said termed the production resumption of Smelter as crucial significance to the survival of Saindak Project, saying throughout the past half year, all the Pakistani and Chinese employees have been working painstakingly to guarantee the uninterrupted production of the Project in spite of tremendous challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Chairman hoped that all the employees...

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