Rain washes away smog.


Byline: Iqtidar Gilani

LAHORE -- Parts of the country including Lahore received first significant winter rain on Thursday, increasing chill in weather by causing considerable decrease in temperature during the day and at nighttime.

Rain/thunderstorm occurred at scattered places in districts of Sindh, Balochistan, Punjab, upper Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Kashmir.

Experts have predicted the wet spell will continue intermittently during the next couple of days.

In plains, the rains provided much needed relief to the citizens by washing away pollutants from the atmosphere.

Skardu and Kalam remained the coldest places in the country where mercury dropped 06 degree Celsius below the freezing point. Minimum temperature in Bagrote and Gupis was recorded:04C, Parachinar, Hunza and Astore:03C and Malamjabba:02C.

In Lahore, the rains started last night and continued intermittently throughout the day on Thursday. Overcast conditions, continuously blowing winds and rains increased chill in weather by decreasing temperature during the day and at nighttime. Minimum temperature in Lahore was recorded 08C.

People preferred to stay indoors to avoid exposure to harsh weather conditions. Excessive usage of heaters at offices and homes led to low gas pressure. In certain areas, women faced huge difficulties in cooking meals for their families. Wet conditions and winds also caused tripping of dozens of Lesco feeders, plunging portion of Lahore in darkness for hours.

The wet spell disturbed routine life by causing inundation on roads and roadsides, frequent power outages and massive traffic jams.Massive traffic jams were witnessed on major arteries including The Mall, Jail Road and Ferozepur Road due to inundation of rainwater and slippery conditions. Several incidents of...

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