Raids on Kohat filling stations resented.

KOHAT -- Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Petroleum Dealers Association's Kohat division chairman Amjid Shinwari here on Saturday termed illegal the continuous raids on filling stations by the assistant commissioner.

He claimed that the AC had imposedexorbitant Rs50,000 to Rs60,000fines in the absence of legal authorities and regretted that he did not accompany the officials of the labour department and other legal authorities to check the papers.

Addressing a press conference at Kohat Press Club, Mr Shinwari set a one-week deadline for the official to stop the practice and said otherwise they would shut down the pumps.

He said they had complete certifications and invoices issued by the PSO.

He deplored that the officials had been fining them for the expired fire extinguishers of 2022 for which they had one relaxation to buy new ones for 2023. The samewas the case with the NOCs.

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