PTI to launch demo against Punjab CM's selection today.

LAHORE -- Rejecting the appointment of MohAsin Naqvi as caretaker chief minister of Punjab, PakisAtan Tehreek-i-Insaf ChairAman Imran Khan on MonAday announced staggered protests against the ElecAtion Commission of PakisAtan's (ECP) decision in all big cities beginning from Lahore on Tuesday (today).

'I haven't seen such a dishonest Election CommAiAssion that is shamelessly giving every decision agaAinst PTI,' Mr Khan said in his address via video link from his Zaman Park residence.

He alleged that Mr Naqvi was the man who remained hyperactive in toppling his government through regime change conspiracy in last April.

Mr Khan said PTI honestly wanted to see PakisAtan sail through the current economic crisis. HowAever, he cautioned, this caretaker CM's appointment would block free and fair elections and push the country towards 'anarchy that might lead to East Pakistan-type damage'. 'The rulers and powers-that-be are trying to eliminate me and my party, which will have very disturbing consequences for the country,' he added.

'We sacrificed our PunAjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa governments to clear way for the free and fair elections in the country,' he pointed out. However, he alleged, the new set-up has been tasked to delay elections until fielding all 'biased umpires' and polling staff with the support of the electoral watchdog.

He predicted that the Naqvi-led government would now bring anti-PTI bureaucrats and police officers with one-point agenda to push his party against the wall. 'This is the same agenda of marking 'red line' to remove Imran Khan and PTI,' he said.

The PTI chairman said it was high time for the nation to protest and raise its voice against the 'nefarious designs' of rulers to protect its future. Giving schedule of rallies, Mr Khan said mass protests would be held in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan and other cities on a daily basis beginning a demonstration in front of ECP Punjab offices in Lahore on Tuesday (today).

Mr Khan said PTI would challenge Mr Naqvi's appointment as well as ask the court that governors of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were not announcing election dates, which they were duty-bound to announce within 48 hours after the dissolution of assemblies.

'The general elections in Punjab and KP must be...

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