PTI thrust IMF, America dictated budget on nation.

MULTAN -- Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Naib Ameer Liaqat Baloch has said that Imran Khan's budget is IMF's budget which is health, education and public-enemy budget.

Talking to the media on Friday, Baloch said that the Imran-government made this budget on direction of IMF and America. 'This budget is a conspiracy to push the nation into darkness of ignorance and illiteracy,' he maintained. He pointed out that the government put a 17 per cent cut on education in general and 50 per cent particular on higher education which was tantamount to closing the doors of research and higher education. He claimed that this step of government would give a boost to private education sector.

He said that recent increase in prices of sugar, ghee, electricity, cooking oil and fertilizer would crush poor and middle classes. He said that loans, corruption and interest were cancer for national economy. He suggested that elimination of interest-based system, enforcement of Islamic financial system and self-reliance were the solutions to cope with prevailing crisis.

He declared that the JI would hold a second big show against price hike, unemployment, IMF's slavery and government's failure in Faisalabad on June 23 (tomorrow). He added that the protest would turn out to be an historic one. He said that the financial experts, traders, labourers, students, farmers, real estate sector and chambers of commerce completely rejected recent budget, adding that the JI would play a strong role to protect the...

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