PTI Senator Faisal Javed Khan puts forward a royalties bill for Pakistan's 'creative people'.

Pakistan's entertainment fraternity has been vocal about not receiving royalties and we've seen them approach different political leaders to bring an end to the practice. They've protested time and again for royalties and progress is now being made as PTI Senator Faisal Javed took to Twitter to announce that he has put forward a royalties bill for the country's artists.

On Monday, Javed tweeted, 'After getting the resolution passed unanimously last year. Glad to announce that today it was indeed a pleasure tabling the much needed royalties bill especially for the poor creative people of our country. #RoyaltiesForArtists Hoping to get it passed soon Insha'ALLAH.'

In a followup tweet, the PTI leader wrote that artists have been facing the issue of 'rightful and just royalties for a long time due to redundant and out-dated provisions of relevant laws.' He said that the amendment in the Copyright Ordinance 1962 aims at empowering copyright board to fix the royalties for licencing and assignment work.

Sang-e-Mah actor Omair Rana retweeted Javed's tweet and said that this single 'honourable fight' can bring honour to all artists of Pakistan and single-handedly launch not just the culture driven industry but also 'start ups and innovators and enterprises of all kinds.'

Javed shared the same tweets as a post on Instagram that was appreciated by actor Mikaal...

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