PTI leader 'tasked with engaging top general' denounces Imran's claims.

KARACHI -- Estranged PTI leader Major (retired) Khurram Hameed Khan Rokhri revealed on Thursday the timeline of 'backchannel talks' between the PTI and the establishment, as he denounced former premier Imran Khan's allegations against senior intelligence official Maj Gen Faisal Naseer.

In an interview with Hamid Mir on Geo News, Rokhri said that Gen Naseer was a 'principled' and 'professional man' who would never 'trade his dignity to please someone'.

Rokhri, who is an ex-military man himself, is said to be among Imran's close aides and holds a major position in PTI's North Punjab chapter. Earlier this week, the PTI's senior leadership issued a show-cause notice to him for allegedly speaking in favour of Gen Naseer on a television programme.

In Thursday's interview, Mr Rokhri recalled that a few days after Shahbaz Gill was arrested, a meeting was held in Bani Gala where it was discussed that a new officer had been posted in Islamabad with the aim to 'eliminate PTI and Imran Khan's narrative'.

Retired Maj Khurram Rokhri reveals he met Gen Naseer a number of times to convey chairman's messages; claims Khan being misled by people around him

'When Gen Faisal Naseer's name was taken, I said hold on a minute. Now I know Gen Naseer the same way you know other people in Geo News or anyone in the media' he told Mr Mir.

'[PTI leader] Salman Ahmed asked me then what was the narrative... the next day they were going for a rally in Jhelum and I told Salman to tell Mr Khan this... I will cut things short here.'

'So Salman tells Mr Khan that the opinion of a close aide of yours [...] about Gen Faisal Naseer [...] is not the same as what people around you have. When Mr Khan asked him who was that person, Salman replied it is Maj Khurram,' he said.

Subsequently, Mr Rokhri went on, Mr Khan 'told Salman to ask me to confront Gen Naseer'.

'I called Gen Naseer and told him I wanted to meet him. When I met him, I asked the general if he had been posted for this reason,' he stated. Gen Naseer told him that he was posted the day Gen Sarfaraz was martyred, some 20 days back, he said.

'I am a professional man... why would I want to do this... Imran Khan is the leader of the biggest political party of Pakistan... he is a hero of the country... why would I want this. And if someone is telling Imran this, please go and tell him that there is nothing as such,' Mr Rokhri quoted the general as saying.

Mr Rokhri then said that he asked the officer to meet the PTI...

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