Project being launched to identify earthquake, landslide 'hotspots'.

ISLAMABAD -- Geological experts are all set to start work on a project, during the current fiscal year, to compile data of the country's 'active faults' and potential landslide 'hotspot' zones that would prove to be a major step towards the disaster risk reduction activities.

The project would be completed at a cost of Rs 412.769 million in three years, for which the government has allocated Rs 40 million under the Public Sector Development Programme 2021-22, according to an official document available with reporter.

It is one of the six new projects the Petroleum Division planned to execute during the fiscal year 2021-22.

The main focus of the project titled 'Pakistan National Research Programme on Geological Hazards (Earthquakes and Landslides) - Data Acquisition along Active Faults and Identification of Potential Landslides Hotspot Zones,' is to identify the earthquakes prone areas and landslide hotspots in the country.

Besides, the establishment of a new network of Globe Navigation Satellite Stations (GNSS - permanent as well as periodic)...

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