Praise showered on child prodigies for memorizing Shah Jo Risalo.


LARKANA -- Music deparAtAment of the Arts Council Larkana the other night held a sitting to pay tribute to two young artist children, broAther and sister, who have memorised the entire Shah Jo Risalo, the mystic poetry of Shah Latif Bhittai.

Father and mother of Rahat Burdi and Intikhab Burdi and a large number of people from various walks of life were among the audience. Awards were conferrAed upon the two young artists and the speakers on the occasion showered praise on them for their love with the poetry of Shah Latif.

The siblings recited the poetry of Shah learnt by heart and also sang it, drawing a big round of applause. The event was presided over by Ahmed Sultan Khoso, additional commissioner-I Larkana and a poet.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Khoso said the entire Sindh felt proud of Rahat and Intikhab Burdi because it was unusual that the children of their age could memories the voluminous collection of the poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai.

He appreciated the chairman of the music department for arranging a gathering to appreciate the children for their unique presentation and to honour their parents for inculcating the love and liking for the mystic poetry.

Prof Mukhtiar Samo said that besides the children, their parents also deserved laurels for helping their children to learn the poetry of Bhittai by heart. He said the poetry of Shah Latif was a source of great inspiration. It helped to understand the value of life and guided to lead it successfully, he said, adding: 'We need to teach our young children about Shah Latif Bhittai and make them learn lessons from his poetry. These two children who have memorised the poetry of Bhittai in their young age would grow into scholars when they would explore Bhittai and understand the message in...

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