Policemen suspended for dancing at Wana peace sit-in.

WANA -- District police officer has issued suspension orders of policemen, who danced during a sit-in being held by the residents of the district for establishment of peace in the area.

The video of the policemen from South Waziristan went viral on social media on Saturday where they could be seen dancing at the sit-in organised by the locals for restoration of peace. District Police Officer Shabbir Hussain Turi ordered departmental action against the policemen.

'Violation of rules and regulations will never be tolerated. There will be no compromise on violation of discipline,' said a statement issued by the DPO office.

A march for peace held by political parties and locals in Wana has turned into 'Waziristan Peace Movement' and a sit-in is being held since January 6, demanding of the authorities to take action against both the good and bad Taliban without any discrimination.

The protesters have been demanding ban on movement of vehicles with tinted glasses, end to robberies, action against armed drug dealers and establishment of checkpoints on emergency basis in all markets of Lower Waziristan...

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