Poets highlight people's problems in Lakki session.

LAKKI MARWAT -- The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Youth Affairs Department and district administration organised a poetry session and cultural show at the public library hall in Lakki Marwat city on Wednesday.

Besides poets and authors from Betani tribal subdivision and southern districts, district youth officer Abdul Qadir Betani, Prof Mehmood Ayaz, Prof Javed Ehsas and Dr Najeebullah attended the event.

The poets recited their poetic verses and received applause from the participants. The hazards of terrorism and problems faced by Pakhtuns were reflected in their poems. The session was followed by a musical concert where singers sang poems of the local poets.

In their poetic verses, several poets condemned terrorism in all its manifestations. They asked the government to take immediate steps for promotion of Pashto language and resolve the problems being faced by Pakhtuns.

Poets highlight people's problems in Lakki session

Three books of local poets were also launched on the occasion.

The books included 'Zah Laka Ghar Da Shaikh Badin Valar Yam' by Abdul Wahab Wahab, 'Da Zhwandana Naarey De Gongey Na She' by Akbar Mahjoor Betani and 'Gul Da Gulab' by Anwar Shah Anwar.

Qadir Betani said that poets and...

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