PMC mismanagement.

THE vice-president of the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) recently 'clarified' that the recent Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) was 'all good'. Really? PMC really needs a reality check.

There are lot of questions related to the recent MDCAT that still await answers. For instance, how and why it was conducted by two different bodies in Punjab and Islamabad? There were two different levels of difficulty in tests in the two regions. At the provincial level, students hardly touched 160 marks, while the test conducted at the federal level was easy, and the average score was around 180-190 marks.

In fact, students from the federal board should have been allowed to apply only at their own colleges, while the provincial students should have applied in Punjab colleges. I have raised these questions because, strangely, while two different bodies conducted the test, Islamabad students have been allowed to apply to Punjab colleges as...

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