PM urges world to formulate strategy to protect labour class from impacts of COVID-19.


ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged the world community to formulate a combined strategy to protect the vulnerable segments of the society especially the laborers from the impacts of COVID-19.

He was addressing an online ILO Global Summit on COVID-19 and the World of Work.

The Prime Minister pointed out that many countries including Pakistan depend upon remittances sent by the overseas workers. He said though the host countries are also faced with many problems due to Coronavirus, yet we need to convince them to be more sympathetic to these laborers.

Imran Khan emphasized that the lockdown has hit the labor community the most. He said the future is very uncertain as we do not know how long the economy will take to recover from the impacts of the pandemic. He said we are praying that vaccines come out as a cure to the virus but in the meantime we need to share our experiences and exchange ideas to protect our...

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