PES facilitates 659,061 victims of road accidents in two years.

LAHORE -- Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) provided emergency service to the victims of 659,061 road accidents, 32,513 fire incidents and 2,740 drowning incidents during the last two years. About 6,753 people were killed and 741,222 sustained injuries in 659,061 road accidents in Punjab during the same time. Statistics showed that 100,939 pedestrians were involved in road accidents, 32,6758 passengers, 18,075 underage drivers, 541,059 motorcycles, 672,89 cars and 71,337 other vehicles. About 291,353 road accidents took place due to over speeding, 209,936 on carelessness, 46,381 on

wrong turn, 34,708 on Uturn...

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