Peace committee pledges to facilitate restoration of historic Prahladpuri temple.

MULTAN -- Ulema, civil society and local administration agreed to demonstrate exemplary unity on matter pertaining to restoration of historic Prahladpuri temple in the city.

Prahladpuri temple is located near shrine of Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya (RA).

It is the historic temple of the Hindus, from where, the Holi festival commenced and spread from across the world.

Holi is festival of colours and is very much popular in Hinduism.

The temple was allegedly demaged by a protesting mob in retaliation to martyrdom of Babari Masjid in "Ayodhya" (India) by the Hindus extremists in 1992.

In a meeting of Peace Committee, it was agreed that exemplary unity would be demonstrated. The committee observed that minorities enjoyed complete religious freedom in the country. They also remarked that they had not any objection on restoration of the temple. The Peace Committee will facilitate in ensuring implementation on supreme court order related to restoration of the temple.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister of Political Affairs Malik Aamir Dogar addressing the Peace Committee sought cooperation from Ulema and Civil Society to maintain peaceful environment in the city. He stated that role of all religious school of thoughts was of very importance in restoration of the temple. "The temple is not constructed but it is restored", he stated. Following Supreme Court direction, the restoration work was being started at the temple. Dogar stated that Prime...

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