Palestine envoy lauded China for promoting peace in Palestine, Israel talks.

ISLAMABAD -- Acting Ambassador of Palestine Nader Al Turk has lauded China for showing its readiness to play a constructive role in easing tensions between Palestine and Israel and promoting peace talks.

Addressing a webinar titled, 'War Crimes Gaza: The impact, consequences, and international response and responsibility', the envoy called out the 'double standards' of the so-called civilised world and international organizations responsible of ruthless killings of innocent children, women and elderly men living in Gaza, said a press release issued here on Sunday.

The webinar was jointly hosted by the Center of South Asia and International Studies (CSAIS) Islamabad and the Institute of Legal Studies Lahore.

Nader shared the perpetual miseries of Palestinians and called for immediate justice in terms of two state solution, guarantor of durable peace and stability in the Middle East a rest of the world.

He urged to regional countries and the Muslim world to come forward to stop Israel from state terrorism and indiscriminate bombardment on civilian society and installations in Gaza.

Interestingly he maintained that his country did not have any religious or ethnic issue with Jews but facing lots of onslaughts from the fanatic Zionists, creating serious issues for humans and humanity.

He rightly highlighted the biased stance of the USA, UK and some western countries strongly supporting Israelis and ironically honoring their false, fake and fabricated propaganda and tall claims like assignation of children and attack on hospital in Gaza by Palestinians themselves. Furthermore, he shared that in persuasions of naked aggression Israeli forces attacked on Orthodox Church showing no respect to other religions.

Nader the DHM was confident that patience, determination, and plight of Palestinians will be awarded very soon and they will be free in their actions and homes.

Dr Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan in his speech elaborated the historic miseries of Palestinians people starting from 1947.

Dr Khan was of the opinion that the land of unlimited prophesies, holy personalities and places was under fire again because of indiscriminate bombardment of Israel air force even on civilian population. Unfortunately Gaza has become the biggest modern day jail for the 2.6 million helpless Palestinians he added.

While mentioning the sufferings of Palestinians he said that 'Gaza is besieged and bleeding and more than 4500 people have so far been killed. Immense collateral...

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