Pakistani Rupee Experiences Slight Fluctuation Against Major Currencies.

Karachi -- The Pakistani Rupee has observed minor changes against major currencies in the past three days, according to the rates provided by the Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan (ECAP).

According to a news release by the Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan, on 20th October, the buying rate for the USD was 277.50, while the selling rate stood at 280.50. By 23rd October, the buying rate had slightly increased to 278.00, and the selling rate climbed to 281.00. Meanwhile, the GBP saw a reduction in its buying rate from 340.00 to 339.00 and a decline in the selling rate from 343.00 to 342.00.

The Euro remained stable with its buying and selling rates at 293.00 and 296.00 respectively on both days. The Japanese Yen decreased slightly from a buying rate of 1.84 to 1.82 and a selling rate from 1.88 to 1.87.

Regarding the Middle Eastern currencies, the AED experienced an increase in its buying rate from 77.00 to 78.00, with its selling...

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