Pakistan, World Cup final and 'Qudrat Ka Nizam'.

When Saqlain Mushtaq, in that famous press conference last month, dropped his Qudrat Ka Nizam line, he was ridiculed for trying to sidestep and almost justify his team's cricketing failure by linking it with force of nature.

It turns out that the bearded spin maestro was delivering another one of his doosras. A month later, his mini phrase has a cult following and pretty much defines not only Pakistan's run to the final but also everything that lies ahead.

In fact, if you look closely and in the right places, you'd find that the all-encompassing Qudrat line has been the primary theme of the World Cup. How else would you explain Pakistan being a match away from becoming world champions today when up until a few days ago they were a match away from flying back home? That's Qudrat Ka Nizam for you.

How else would you explain Zimbabwe avenging the embarrassment of falling for a fake Mr Bean by almost knocking Pakistan out of the tournament? How else would you explain Pakistan coming back from the dead, thanks to an alley-oop dished by the Netherlands of all the teams? And what scientific logic is there for...

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